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                      Company ProfileMORE>>

                      Wuxi Minerva knitted fashionable dress Co., Ltd. was established on August 27, 1992, invested by Hong Kong Hong Shan Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Xinlian Industrial Corporation, registered capital of $14.5 million, 800 employees.

                      Company is located in the scenic Taihu lake, adjacent to the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, from Shanghai, Nanjing only two hours by car, the traffic is very convenient.

                      Company sets knitted fabric weaving, dyeing, printing, clothing made of a dragon production line, with advanced production facilities and perfect management mode, using ERP production management information system, with an annual output of silk, linen, wool, cotton and blended woven and knitted garment 250-300 million, the products are exported in Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and other parts of the world, to cooperate with the company's brand has MaxMara, Tommy Bahama, JV, Banana Republic, Lauren, CK, ax, SABA, Witchery, Columbia, Ann Taylor, Tory Burch etc..

                      For the further development of the traditional silk clothing, meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the company vigorously adjust the internal production mechanism, and actively introduce mechanical, electronic automation production equipment, labor intensive production facilities to promote the transformation of traditional technological transformation, seize the opportune moment, strengthen brand building, after years of development, now the company has a large number of advanced production the equipment imported from Japan, USA, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions, including the 17 "to 38" weaving and knitting machine, computer jacquard knitting machine, various types of electronic color transfer rib machine; dyeing door Fuji stretching machine, flat screen printing machine, garment printing machine computer color matching system, automatic drip system, vacuum bag, photographic machine; computer automatic cutting and spreading machine, garment transfer printing press, clothing production of all the production line with water suspension system.

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